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1. To buy:
1) Choose the products by clicking “Add to cart”;
2) Click “Update Cart” to summarize the purchase;
3) Click “Proceed to Checkout” to buy, providing the necessary data for billing;
4) choose the payment mode:

  • PayPal / credit card;
  • by bank transfer.

2. Conclusion of Contract

2.1. Proposal
According to the menu of options available on the website, you can buy filling out the form. By signing the proposal the customer becomes responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and recognizes the right of LABIOCHEM s.a.s. to take any references and information about your account. It will be necessary for the proper operation of the service, observing the rules on the processing of personal data contained in D.Lgs. 30 June 2003 no. 196.
LABIOCHEM s.a.s. will not accept proposals made in other ways than the above. At the time of submitting a Proposal, LABIOCHEM s.a.s. electronically store all the personal information also contained therein.
The Proposal of the customer is irrevocable offer to purchase the service or product selected on the basis of these General Conditions of Contract, pursuant to article 1329 of the Civil Code, for a period of five working days of its submission. LABIOCHEM s.a.s. will be free to accept or refuse such proposal.

2.2. Acceptance
On expiry of the period referred to in paragraph 2.1 above. without any acceptance of the proposal, the customer will be free from any commitment to LABIOCHEM s.a.s. and may refuse to provide the Service or Product deliveries.
If the proposal is accepted, the customer will receive by e-mail an order confirmation. The Order Confirmation will be effective at the time it was sent to the address indicated by the customer. Although LABIOCHEM s.a.s. undertakes to do everything possible to make the supply of products advertised on the website or listed in the Order Confirmation, its commitment to sales and distribution of the goods offered are subject to the stock of the product and the availability of the same until the end of stocks, for which could accidentally and exceptionally happen not to be able to provide these products because, for example, they are no longer in production at the time, were made on-line multiple orders that have lead to the end of stocks, or may happen that the order is invalid because of a clerical error in the marking of prices on the website In the case where any of the assumptions above, LABIOCHEM s.a.s. will promptly contact the customer to inform them about the products purchased and propose alternative produts that meet the same value and quality. If the customer decides to not like alternative products, LABIOCHEM s.a.s. will terminate the contract with regard to products that can not be provided, giving to the customer the same amount that has already been paid in that basis.
In any case in which LABIOCHEM s.a.s. should not be able to deliver to the customer the products or services required by the same, the liability will not exceed the return to the customer of any amounts already paid, without having, in favor of either party, any compensation for breach, actual damages or loss of profit.
Compete to LABIOCHEM s.a.s. the right to reject the Proposal of the customer due to lack of stock or if the customer fails to pay in advance, if any.

2.3. Unilateral changes to the products
LABIOCHEM s.a.s. will reserve the right to change the information on its website, its services and products offered to the customer, such as technical, description, date, indicative photograph (if provided by the case).

3. Shipping

3.1. Shipping to Italy
Ship in Italy excluding the smaller islands is via courier GLS (delivery in 3/4 days).
The shipping costs are:
€ 6.50 for orders up to € 54.99.
Free for orders over € 55.00.
The shipment of goods will be within 5 working days of receipt of payment, except the non-availability of stock.
For the smaller islands there is an extra charge of € 16.

3.2. Orders and Shipments abroad
Ship abroad is calculated on the cart, by clicking “calculating shipment”, selecting one of this countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Sweden. For other countries send an e-mail to:
We will send you an e-mail order confirmation with the exact shipping cost.

4. Consideration and Payment

4.1. Pricing
The information on the final price or sale price to the public of the product or service, including the final cost to the customer, including VAT and shipping. The final cost, therefore, will be communicated to the customer in the process of buying online.

4.2. Unilateral price changes
LABIOCHEM s.a.s. reserves the right, unilaterally and at any time the right to change the price of products and services referred to on its website. In order to guarantee the customer the certainty and security of the price of the products purchased, the amount charged will be shown on the site at the time of the order confirmation, as recalled by the Order Confirmation.

4.3. Payment methods
The payment of amounts due as a result of the conclusion of the contract can only be done using one of the methods indicated in the Order Confirmation. It is understood that the choice of method of payment by the Customer may result in an extension of time for delivery of the products, which will only improve as a result of the payment of the same.

4.4. Retention of title
Pursuant to and for the purposes referred to in Article 1523 of the Civil Code,  LABIOCHEM s.a.s. reserve the domain and will retain full ownership of the Product sold until full payment thereof by the Customer.

4.5. Billing
LABIOCHEM s.a.s. issue for each specific order invoice / receipt, issued to the person or entity who placed the order, which will be delivered with the product to the address designated by the customer. The customer is solely responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided in LABIOCHEM s.a.s. for billing purposes.
LABIOCHEM s.a.s. warns that, once issued, can not subsequently change the sales invoices in accordance with local regulations.

5. Delivery

The delivery of the goods takes place together with a document containing the information necessary to identify the customer (the customer is required with proof of identity to confirm your ownership or any delegation of the order), the order number,  and the number of packages in the shipment. Once the delivery of the ordered products to the carrier is done, LABIOCHEM s.a.s. send to the Customer a confirmation of shipment by e-mail (if they have a relative address). In any case, the transport document is a proof of delivery to the carrier. Indicate the correct address to which delivery must take place. It is always advisable to give an address where there is always someone available to receive the goods. You may make arrangements with the carrier or require to deliver the package to the office, by communicating it to LABIOCHEM s.a.s. before the delivery of the package.

5.1 Terms and conditions for delivery of products
LABIOCHEM s.a.s. will use reasonable efforts to provide to the Customer with the required products within the shortest time possible, but the lead times depend on factors external to the will of LABIOCHEM s.a.s., such as trade policies of suppliers and the delivery time will be diversified according to a variety of circumstances, including the mode of payment and the place of delivery. Any time limit for the availability and delivery of the products in any way communicated by LABIOCHEM s.a.s. must be considered approximate. The title and risk of loss related to purchased products will move with the Client at the time of delivery.

5.2. Product availability and supply
The terms of availability are calculated by reference to current orders on the same day of receipt of the Proposal by the Customer.
These terms are subject to change as a result of the payment by bank transfer, since the order is considered processed only after the completion of the transaction banking. In this case, it is up to LABIOCHEM s.a.s. inform the customer as to the availability and the time of supply of the products.
In the case of cumulative orders, also expressed the same time, it is allowed to LABIOCHEM s.a.s. to arrange for delivery on different days.

5.3. Delay in delivery
In case of delay in delivery of more than 30 working days prior to the approximate time of receipt of the product shown on the website and listed in the Order Confirmation, provided that this delay is due to LABIOCHEM s.a.s., the customer, by written complaint (letter , fax or e-mail) may unilaterally cancel the order, seeing returned the amount already paid in the event of prepayment.
It is up to LABIOCHEM s.a.s. contact the Customer promptly to propose an alternative to the products purchased with the same value and quality amount. If the customer decides to not like alternative products, LABIOCHEM s.a.s. will terminate the contract with regard to products that can not be provided, giving to the customer the same amount that has already been paid on that basis.

5.4. Delivery guarantees
It is incumbent upon the customer to verify that the products ordered are delivered to them in perfect condition. If the Customer at the time of delivery, had to experience failure to delivered products or the package is visibly damaged on receipt, it is your responsibility to set out those circumstances in delivery document to the courier with words such as “control reserve” or other, detailing all informations analytically. A penalty of forfeiture, within the next 12 hours, the customer shall notify the incident to LABIOCHEM s.a.s., by e-mail at or at the registered office of the company, attaching accurate photographic documentation. If the customer receives their order without showing obvious abnormalities, LABIOCHEM s.a.s. can not be held liable for any damage resulting from the transport of the products.

6. Right of withdrawal

In accordance with the provisions of Articles 64 and following of D.Lgs. 6 September 2005. 206 (as amended and supplemented), the customer (consumer), if not satisfied with the products or services purchased from the content of LABIOCHEM s.a.s., can return the products themselves or forfeit the right of provided services and obtain a refund of the price already paid at the time of prepayment, excluding the cost of postage and packing. The cost of sending the product to the customer LABIOCHEM s.a.s. are charged to the customer.

6.1. How to exercise
To exercise this right you must provide within 10 days after receipt of the goods a written communication to the following addresses:
Registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt:
LABIOCHEM s.a.s. of Mazzotta A. & C.
Piazza Carmine 3
92019, Sciacca (AG)
a) the number of the invoice / receipt;
b) the description and quantity of returned products, in case of partial withdrawal;
c) their bank details to make the refund.
Return: The products covered by this withdrawal should be sent to:
LABIOCHEM s.a.s. of Mazzotta A. & C.
Piazza Carmine 3
92019, Sciacca (AG)
For any questions please:
write to

6.2. Effects of withdrawal
In case it is properly exercised the right of withdrawal, there is the payment that the customer may already have been paid by the way of advance payment excluding the cost of postage and packing, and the cost of returning the product to LABIOCHEM s.a.s.. The costs of returning goods, if supported by LABIOCHEM s.a.s. will be subtracted from the price of the product upon return of the money.
The improper exercise of the right of withdrawal in accordance with the current legal and contractual legitimates LABIOCHEM s.a.s. to return to the sender the products returned by customer, with an increase in transport costs.

6.3. Exclusion of the right of withdrawal
It is, however, excluded the right to return the product and the request of a refund of the sums paid in cases where the product in question is sealed and provided that the Customer has broken the seal.
It is also excluded the return of the amount paid if the Customer has started to use the product purchased and / or to use the services purchased.
Product returns and refund in the amount are always subordinate to the integrity of the products purchased.
LABIOCHEM s.a.s. will not accept returns of products handled by the customer, or goods that are returned incomplete of its main elements and accessories.
You can not exercise the right of withdrawal beyond the prescribed period or for products subject to fluctuations of a market controlled by LABIOCHEM s.a.s. or for perishable items or items that could be easily reproduced with immediate effect, or which by their nature can not be returned.

7. Packaging

LABIOCHEM s.a.s. tryies to be environmentally careful also in packaging, using boxes of recovery, which may then contain names about other products, other goods, other companies. Remember to recycle them by throwing them in the appropriate containers. The internal packaging is made from paper, newspapers and magazines targeted to be destroyed.
Occasionally you can find plastic packing “bubble” or polystyrene, also recycled from other expeditions, to wrap fragile bottles.

8. Privacy

According to D.Lgs. of 30 June 2003, n. 196 we inform you that the personal data will be used for direct sales, promotion, management, statistics, and will not be disclosed. Owner of the database is LABIOCHEM s.a.s. of Mazzotta A. & C., Contrada Cartabubbo, 92019 Sciacca (AG) – P.IVA 02378730846