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Honey (INCI: Mel)

We use local honey, for the most part coming from the citrus flower “zagara” or from Mediterranean multiflora.
The main components of honey are water, sugars (fructose, glucose, maltose), organic acids, amino acids and proteins, minerals, pigments (carotene, chlorophyll, derivatives of chlorophylls), substances and aromas of flowers (esters, aldehydes, alcohols), tannins, enzymes (invertase, etc..) and vitamins.
We wanted to start talking about the honey highlighting its components because by reading that we understand the enormous richness of the active ingredients of this product.

Honey in natural cosmetics

Honey is rich in minerals. There are many facial products based on honey: lotions, body wraps with pollen, ointments, creams made from honey. A simple mask made of virgin honey can rebalance altered sebum secretion, typical skin of adolescents, but also acts on wrinkles and signs of dryness. Due to its emollient and restructuring properties, a poultice of honey and royal jelly can be miraculous to regain elasticity to the skin. Honey combined with essential oils, then, acts on specific problems.